About Us

Decaged is a philosophy and a way of life. It represents authenticity, respect for tradition, passion for what you do, freedom of thinking, true inspiration. The brand and the concept also stands for true solidarity, for getting involved with the problems other people face around the world, for traveling with a purpose, for giving back.
Combining traditional craftsmanship with clean and innovative design, Decaged creates icons drawn from a passion for footwear and the perspective gained by years of travel and cultural interaction. 
Always pushing the boundaries of what's "do-able" with an unwavering pursue for quality and hand made processes. Anchored in a philosophy of creativity without gimmickry, of design without deception, of authentic construction without flashy dysfunction, Decaged represent a new “back-to-basics” approach to casual footwear.
With durable and unexpected construction combinations, unique and detailed hand-finishing treatments, Decaged plants one foot in the rich heritage of Spanish craftsmanship and the other in the realm of invention, bringing together the old and the new.
Decaged founder: Alfonso Paradinas, was born and raised in Spain, but lives in NYC since 2002. A veteran from the fashion industry, he partners with specialized manufacturers, stylists, and industry professionals, and lives every day his passion of designing quality footwear.