#livingDecaged : Alfonso

Decaged founder and creative director, Alfonso Paradinas, is a veteran from the fashion industry, having worked for international brands from sales to merchandising, both apparel and accessories, and always with a passion for creating his own footwear, based on his devotion to authenticity and quality of materials, and true craftsmanship above it all. 
Together with footwear, his other passion is giving back. Him and his wife founded the Girl2B foundation in 2011, an NGO that provides education to girls in Kolkata, India. This devotion played a big role in his transition to entrepreneurship. As the project director of the foundation, he is in constant contact with the everyday activities taking place at the foundation, and strategizes and fundraises incessantly. 
Our name, Decaged, was inspired by a philosophy of pursuing your own passion, that which makes you work extra hours, and makes you feel you are part of something bigger. It means being detached from a corporate world in which formulas dictate behaviors and inhibit creativity, and builds relationships with companies that care for their workers and their well-being.
Decaged means changing the rules, including rules of commerce, and going straight to the end consumer, who’s more informed now than ever, and who is very aware of the value of the product he purchases. People want more value for less, and by taking out the intermediaries (brick and mortar retailers) and offering the product directly online to the customer, we are doing just that. 
The logo is a graphic representation of the act of getting out, freeing yourself from that which is pulling you back, not letting you be the creative individual you are.

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